Tree Antenna kick off BioArt Laboratories

A thrilling remake of a 1904 experiment in which live trees antennas act as antennas for radio contact. Simple and magical at the same time: the combination of nature and technology. This concept was not developed any further at the time, but now BioArt Laboratories has decided to take up the challenge again.


In the beginning of the last century, it was discovered that it was possible to make radio contact across the Atlantic using living trees as antennas. The trees acted as exceptionally good antennas, but the how and why never got beyond speculation. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated means of communication, research into the matter died a quiet death. For Age of Wonder, BioArt Laboratories has revitalized the project Tree Antenna with a presentation/demonstration and workshop.


BioArt Laboratories is a 'hybrid art laboratory' where artists, designers, students, scientists and the business community can meet each other. A place that provides an opportunity to explore the developments in the field of Life Sciences and ecology in an innovative and creative way and where, from an artistic point of departure, people work with the novel materials and knowledge provided by modern biotechnology. Via DIY labs, exhibitions, lectures, debates, workshops, award and educational projects, society is involved in exploring and understanding these rapid developments.


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This project is part of Age of Wonder and is made possible with the gererous support of SNSREAAL, STRIJP-S Cultuurfonds and Fonds voor de Creative Industry.

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