In new times, where target audiences are harder to reach, I thrive in generating original creative strategies. Using a broad network as a freelancer. I can bring new information and creative ideas to the table and being up-to-date with new technologies and trends.  I am working from A to Z, beginnings to finish line and end results.


Trouble with finding the right message to reach your target audience? Or not sure if your brand is up-to-date?


Together we will find the best solution for your advertising adventures.






Products & Services

Communication & strategy

Professional social media, branding and advertising strategies

Graphic design, branding & Art direction

Print, online, outdoor, corporate video - anything else you can think of..

Event organisation & management

Start-up events, business lectures, workshops

PR, communications and

Effective networking workshop

Workshop on the do's and don'ts of todays networking environment

Objective centered concept creation (Module X) workshop
Workshop about my module for evaluating and visualising your enterprise, business or project.